2 really worthwhile Marvel movies

Over the past decade, film comics have become the most important of the arts, a common cultural code and a universal language of communication. Now that film production has been put on pause and the release of “Black Widow” has been postponed to November, it’s time to remember where it all started. Having carefully studied the film history of the marvel comics adaptations, we chose the most striking of its achievements to his taste — and explained the choice in detail.

The Punisher

One of the most brutal movies to watch in the world.

The undeservedly forgotten movie comic of the 2000s is the second and, perhaps, the best film adaptation of “The Punisher” (then there was a very bloody movie with Ray Stevenson and a good series on Netflix). This is the directorial debut of screenwriter Jonathan Hensley, who wrote the third “Die Hard”, “Jumanji” and “The Saint”. Despite budget constraints (it was allocated only fifteen million instead of sixty) and a reduced number of shooting days, it turned out to be a great action movie — a very dark revenge movie, with outbursts of the blackest humor and uncompromising early films with Schwarzenegger. The film itself is divided into two parts: the first is dedicated to how FBI agent Frank Castle aka the Punisher (Thomas Jane) loses his family, the second — how he carries out retribution, while simultaneously finding a new family of kind-hearted neighbors-marginals (Rebecca Romaine, Ben Foster and John Pinette). The role of the main villain is played by John Travolta, his equally ruthless wife – Laura Harring (“Mulholland drive”).

The distinctive feature of the film: here, even negative characters are provided with motivation, and its visual aesthetic refers to the action movies, crime dramas and westerns of the 70s, which Hensley and his cameraman Conrad Hall watched before starting work on the picture. In general, “The Punisher” looks like a kind of wild cross between “Mad Max”, “Desperate” and even “Anna Karenina” — what will you say about this, Kevin Feige? Such films are rarely produced now (and after all, a whole trilogy was planned!). Real guilty pleasure, concentrated testosterone. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Guardians Of The Galaxy. Part 2

Action, adventure, science fiction, comedy

Perhaps the best movie in the marvel cinematic universe

The main feature of the marvel movie universe is that it is not a collection of films, but a movie series divided into three phases (seasons) — and evaluating these pictures is like evaluating a series in a series: what is your favorite episode in “Game of Thrones”? It is clear that the worst episode is the second “Thor”, which everyone tried to forget about. And what is the best? Judging by the fees, the top of the marvel cinematic universe is considered to be “Avengers: Final”. If we rely on the film critical consensus, then it is “Black Panther”. However, if you put aside the social and political agenda (which was tied to “Panther”) and the stadium frenzy of the finale (which was at the last “Avengers”), it suddenly becomes clear that at the moment one of the best, and maybe the best MCU film is the second “Guardians of the Galaxy” (the first one were also great, but it is very similar to the prolonged exposure to the second part). Located on the edge of the galaxy and the sidelines of the MCU, “Guardians” is beautiful in the fact that it doesn’t look like another episode of the series. They are similar to old-school fiction of the 80-90s, and in their structure they are a family drama with a very old-fashioned drama. If the first part is about making friends, the second part is about how friends also belong to your family (sometimes more real than real relatives). At the same time, as Ang Lee’s “Hulk”, Peter Quill’s father (Chris Pratt) — Ego (Kurt Russell) — is also likened to Kronos: these are the same ancient Greek heroes, gods and titans, but just with another shell. It is best formulated by the second “Guardians of the Galaxy” with their godless passions, because it is the story of the son of the cruel God who does not want to be the son of God, and wants to remain human — but his humanity must win his divine side and the cruel God must be stopped.

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