What should you watch at Netflix, Hulu and HBO in September: best TV series and movies “Untouchable”

When and where to watch: September 2, Hulu

The documentary about producer Harvey Weinstein has already premiered in theaters, and now everyone can watch it on the streaming platform Hulu.

The film tells the story of one of the most influential producers in Hollywood, who was untouchable yesterday, but today he is a man with a damaged reputation. The film is constructed in the form of interviews with victims who suffered from harassment and violence by Weinstein, as well as people who wanted to expose him. 


When and where to watch: September 6, Netflix

The second season of the popular Spanish Netflix series will continue the story of rich students from an elite school and their new classmates, who are much lower in social and financial status. 

 “The Deuce”

When and where to watch: September 9, HBO

The return of the David Simon series will take us not to the 80’s, as in previous seasons, but straight to 1985. The new era heralds a change for the main characters who move in the circles of the porn industry and sex business. 

“The Mind, Explained”

When and where to watch: September 12, Netflix

The American edition of Vox launched a series of documentaries in the genre of infotainment together with Netflix in the spring. The new issue will focus on our brain: how it works when we sleep, worry, and dream. The film was voiced by Emma Stone. 


When and where to watch: September 13, Netflix

The series, based on real events and a Pulitzer prize-winning article, tells the story of a teenager, Marie Adler. The girl claims that she was attacked by a robber in her own house and raped. Few people believe an unconvincing story, except for two police officers investigating similar cases, in which a serial killer is most likely involved. 

“Tall girl”

When and where to watch: September 13, Netflix

The new Netflix romantic comedy is dedicated to all the tall people who have ever experienced complexes because of this. High school girl Jodie was always called names by her peers, which caused her to develop complexes. After years of humiliation, the girl is helped to gain confidence by a new exchange student who is as tall as Judie. The film starred aspiring actors and actresses.

“Inside Bill’s brain: Decoding Bill Gates”

When and where to watch: September 20, Netflix

The founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people on the planet, Bill gates, achieved such heights thanks to the non-standard thinking and creative ideas that came to his bright mind. Oscar-winning Director Davis Guggenheim decided to find out how Bill Gates’ brain works, so he asked him and people close to him about it.

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