Success Story: Marvel movies timeline you didn’t know

Today, films based on Marvel comics are among the most successful in the film industry. The well-known Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2008 with the release of Iron Man and continues to this day. With a total cost of nearly $1.4 billion, all films have contributed more than $ 5.5 billion. In addition, comic-based films produced by other studios are also popular. Hardly anyone is not familiar with the X-Men, Spider-Man, Blade, or Fantastic Four film series.

But there were also films, like best Netflix movies, that did not receive a massive response or remained unacceptable at the time, but received their share of attention after the formation of Marvel as a giant of the film market. In honor of the release of the new film from the line “The First Avenger”. Another film portal recalls those tapes and serials from which the story of the legend began.

Captain America

Yes, yes, this is the very first film based on Marvel comics. Symbolically, don’t you think? The first superhero who received the attention of directors was the symbol of the United States – Captain America. The project consists of 15 small episodes combined into one film. It was filmed in a difficult time for history, it did not gain popularity.

3 Giant Humans

Superheroes from the classic clip of American comics haunt people all over the world. Therefore, sooner or later, a non-American product had to appear, parasitizing their field. This is what the Turkish tape has become. In the center of the story, again, Captain America, who opposed (attention!) The gang of the evil Spider-Man. You don’t need to say a lot. Filmed entirely in Turkey, watching a true American superhero rescue the Turks is doubly fun. Thought of as a spectacular action movie, the film turned out to be closer to an absurd comedy. Appearing out of nowhere, the film has gone nowhere.

The amazing Spider Man

This television series was the first appearance of the legendary superhero on the screens. With a classic storyline and fairly high ratings, it only lasted 2 seasons as fans complained about the series’ low budget and a script that did not fit the spirit of the comic. Interestingly, in the early 90s, James Cameron himself wanted to shoot a prequel starring Michael Bean and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the project was never realized, because the director was not satisfied with the special effects of that time, and the rights to the film passed from studio to studio.

Fantastic Four

Few people know that the first appearance of the superhero quartet was not in 2005, but in 1994. Only here is one entertaining nuance – the film was never released to wide distribution. And it was not planned, actually. The expiration date for the copyright for the characters approached, and in order to renew it, at least something had to be removed immediately. The most interesting thing is that neither the director, nor the actors, nor in general anyone from the film crew knew about this, filming a film for distribution in their presentation.

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