Stranger things season 4- what’s next?

After the end of season 3, it became clear to everyone that season 4 of “Stranger things” is not far off (the release date of the series is 2020), the main cast of actors will remain unchanged, the plot development will again surprise fans of the series, the teaser trailer for the new season can be viewed in our article. Very strange things happen all the time in the city of Hawkins, and the astral being, the Flenser (torturer) of the mind, always returns in a new guise.

“Stranger things” became the main series headliner, because they generated a new wave of interest in the 80s among modern youth and teenagers born in the 90s and even 2000s. So, there’s no doubt that Netflix will extend the show for another season.


The series takes place in a small fictional place located in Indiana. 12-year-old Will Byers disappears, and his mother, being in a state of shock, looks for him. It seems to her that strange otherworldly forces are involved in the case.

The local sheriff, who turns out to be a classmate of Joyce Byers, gradually begins to believe in the words of Will’s mother. Meanwhile, the teenager’s friends went deep into the forest in search of him. There they found an unusual girl with telekinesis abilities. She was kept in a secret laboratory and subjected to experiments. Fortunately, she escaped.

Then, there were confusing events that will lead to the rescue of a guy from the lair of a Shadow Monster, but he does not want to let the residents of a small town and the surrounding area out of his zone of influence.

The final battle with otherworldly forces is approaching. And, perhaps, it will take place in the future part. The release date for “Stranger things” season 4 is coming soon. Watch the series on the Netflix platform.

Actors and roles

  • David Harbour played the role of sheriff Jim Hopper. He suffers from prolonged depression and alcohol addiction after the death of his daughter and a painful divorce. He sheltered Eleven after her rescue.
  • Millie Bobby Brown embodied the image of Jane (Odie). She has the ability to telekinesis, escaped from the scientific laboratory, where it was studied and conducted experiments on it. She made friends with the guys at Hawkins.
  • Winona Ryder was played by Joyce Byers. She is the mother of young Will and high school student Jonathan. She is divorced and independently raises her children.

Interesting facts

  • The writers ‘ inspiration for season 3 was the popular film Back to the future, released in 1985 with Michael J. Fox. This is the year described in the series.
  • After the success of the first two parts of the film, the actors, when renegotiating contracts, raised their fees several times. Most of all, the guys who play 12-14-year olds were lucky. They are now paid 250 thousand dollars per episode (previously it was only 20).
  • In the fall of 2017, a game for touch gadgets based on the series was released, where you can find recognizable locations.
  • Director Charlie Kessler is suing the production company. He claims that the idea of this project was stolen from him.

“Stranger things” season 4. Release date

American series in the genre of science fiction has won many honorary awards at film festivals in different categories. It is a commercial success, and Netflix is not going to close the project. It may be extended more than once, like many marvel movies in order. The release date for “Stranger things” season 4 is next fall.

What questions season 4 can answer:

  • Did Jim Hopper survive the explosion (perhaps he moved to a parallel world, because at that time Hopper was no longer on the site)?
  • Who are the 5 people in spacesuits who entered the lab before the explosion? Could it be Odie and her friends who had moved through time?
  • How and after what events will Eleven get her superpowers that she has lost?

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