The 3 best Netflix series

Even in the era of total domination of streaming platforms, Netflix remains one of the main suppliers of quality shows of all stripes. Time Out selected 27 of the best original series from their extensive catalog.

“Sex Education” (2019)

Teen dramedy without forbidden topics

It’s amazing that Netflix launched this guaranteed megahit so late. The plot focuses on several teenagers with different genders, sexual orientations, complexes and problems. The screenwriters tried most of the combinations: from a squeezed introvert with a sex therapist mother to a homophobic bisexual and a girl confused in her preferences. Their storylines are intertwined with each other and then become more personal.

The series doesn’t mind bed scenes or discussing stigmatized STIs — in other words, it shows the target audience that the less shy you are to raise these topics in time, the less problems you will have in life. Most of the themes resonate less with a more adult audience, but there are a couple of adult characters who face essentially similar difficulties. 

“Black Mirror” (2011)

Almanac about the horrors of the near technocratic future

Charlie Brooker has been into technology since childhood: he spent the eighties with arcade machines and the Spectrum computer, in the nineties, he wrote about video games in PC Zone magazine, in the noughties, he was engaged in satire about the decline of television. And in 2011, Brooker launched “Black Mirror”, a fantastic almanac about how technology will change us all.

The first three visionary and rather creepy short films were released on the night air of the British Channel 4. It was strange to wait for the continuation of the collection, in which the Prime Minister has sex with a pig and streams it on YouTube. However, “Black mirror” wasn’t banned in the end, but it also became the most accurate guide to the near future. And most of the predictions made by the authors of the series came true quite quickly: everyone is gadget-dependent, there are more and more robots, civilization is built on likes, and people are dying for bitcoin.

The fifth season returned to the original, three-part format, but was weaker than the previous ones in terms of drama, and the topics raised by it do not touch so much. Before that, the creators released a full-length interactive single Bandersnatch — a curious work in which you can make key decisions for the characters using the TV remote.

“Stranger Things” (2016)

An intriguing horror story for all ages, imbued with the spirit of adventure and aesthetics of classic 80’s fiction

A boy mysteriously disappears in a backwater town. He is kidnapped by a monster from a parallel dimension in order to make a school breakfast out of him, or even worse. A phlegmatic police chief and a neurotic mother try to get to the truth.

Meanwhile, the boy’s three young friends are conducting their own independent investigation. Along the way, they meet a mysterious girl with telekinesis and help her hide from a sinister scientific organization.

It’s hard to imagine a more moving love message to the work of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King than “Stranger Things” This series is one continuous imitation of horror movies of the 80’s. The Duffer brothers, a tandem of screenwriters, are so enthusiastic about blowing kisses to an era of the past that they engage even those who did not find it with nostalgia. At the same time, prodigies in the main roles demonstrate a sky-high level of acting skills. These children have become real stars. For example, Finn Wolfard, the most notable of them, has already starred in the box office horror film “It”. So, hurry up to see them before they grow up.

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